What Ballet Dancers Really Eat?


Hi guys!


Sorry I was absent for so long.

Today I want to share with you my new finding.

Since I was a little girl I always adored ballet dancers.

I loved their moves, I loved their tutus, I loved pointe shoes, their moves and how they flew in the air.

I got older and nothing changed.

I always dreamed to dance like a ballet dancer but that never happened (I just have zero talent when it comes to dancing :)).

But If I can’t move like a ballerina – I can look like one (or at least try to).

So, I discovered many amazing articles where professional ballet dancers talk about their healthy lifestyle.

You may think that the dancers starve themselves or some other black swan clichés.

Nothing like that!

They just eat super healthy and have their little secrets to keep their energy full all the time.

Check out this article and see Real Ballet professional dancers’ daily meal plan.

Article –> What Ballet Dancers Really Eat?

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