14-Day Get Lean Challenge


Let’s be honest – We all dream of easy ways to get learn without some serious diet plans and routines.

It’s really cool to have a go-to plan whenever you want to get lean and fresh as fast as in 2 to 3 weeks.


14-Day Get Lean Challenge

I mean like really, really lean and healthy! With the help of the 14-day challenge!

How can that be done though?

In theory, it’s not that complicated.

Actually, it’s pretty simple.

All you need is a great discipline plan and healthy activities.

What do I mean under “activities”? Is it about workouts and exercises?

Actually… Not really.

Healthy things are always healthy and they are pretty simple:

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Healthy nutrition

As simple as that.

However, even though this two sum up everything, they can be split of other bulleted members of the list.

That’s exactly what we need to do.

And just like I said, you need a great discipline plan as well.


Let me give you a challenge that can and WILL get you to that healthy shape.

14-Day Get Lean Challenge




Let’s start with “don’t”s:

  • No Extra Sugar;
  • No Packed Foods;
  • No Alcohol;
  • No In-between snacks;
  • No Soda;
  • No Artificial Sweeteners;
  • No Dairy;
  • No Red Meat;



  • Drink Water (8-10 glasses);
  • Eat Greens, Daily;
  • Eat Protein, Daily;
  • Drink Green Tea / Coffee;




A healthy lifestyle can make or break your journey towards your goal.

However, this 21-day get learn challenge doesn’t include some extra activities.

The “rules” are pretty simple, yet powerful as well.

  • Split your meal-time in 3-4 (including snacks);
  • Walk for 30-60 minutes;
  • Sleep 8 hours;


Not that complicated, is it?

Honestly, you should be doing this whole year, but…

Let’s be realistic.

Try to do this for 14-21 days and enjoy your results.

Trust me, you’ll start seeing those results after a couple of days.


That’s it for the 14-day get lean challenge I got asked about so many times.

What do you think about it? Have you tried it?

Leave your comment in the comment section below and share your thoughts.

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