20 Minutes Yoga Workout For Flexibility

In case your goal is to get rid of those constant back pains, aches, improve your posture or simply to get flexible, then this 20-minute yoga workout for flexibility is just what you are looking for!

Let’s be honest…

The sad truth is that a lot of people’s bodies are “victims” of the daily routine characterizing today’s life.

Constant sitting in front of the computer and lack of movement is taking away all of the flexibility that our body should have naturally.

Truth is…

Rarely do you see people who have time to visit pools for swimming or visit yoga classes… And gym equipment is not helping with this issue at all…

That’s why we are so happy that our knowledge and experience gave us the opportunity to put together this simple yoga workout for flexibility that perfectly involves every part of your body responsible for plasticity.

As we said, it is simple and yet super effective.

The best part is… You don’t need any extra equipment to hold this workout, so you can do it all at home.


The main benefits of this workout are:


  • You can do it at home;
  • It is simple;
  • It takes only around 20 minutes of your time;
  • And It is as effective as any other type of exercises that can take way more time;


This routine consists out of 11 exercises…

Each should be held for around 30 seconds unless stated otherwise.

In addition to instructions, we provided extra videos from some top yoga instructors around the net, to make sure you fully understand the exact movements.

Without the further ado,


20 Minute Yoga Workout for Flexibility


Seated Forward Bend Pose


To start off this yoga workout for flexibility, let’s begin with some simple exercises. Sit on the floor or on your mat, with your legs straight in front of you.

Sit with the straight back and without losing a form start leaning forward while you are holding your toes with your hands.

Fold forward and try to move your chest closer to your thighs and touch your legs with your forehead…

Inhale before you lean forward and slowly exhale during the process.

Stay in this position for a couple of seconds and get back to the starting position. Repeat this movement a couple of times.


Reclining Hero Pose



Let’s continue with this awesome pose.

You should already be sitting on the mat. Now move your leg’s a bit apart so that you are able to sit in-between your heals (if it is too hard for you, you can sit on a small block),

Slowly start to lean back with your body with a straight back, put your elbows on the ground to help you with your balance.  Touch your toes with your fingers; try to roll all the way down to the back. Stay in this position for a while.

Try to roll all the way down to the back. Stay in this position for a while.

To get out of it, slowly lean forward and pull yourself up with your elbows.

Stay in this position for as much time as it is comfortable and don’t forget to breathe correctly.


Revolved Triangle Pose



Now It’s time to stand up…

Stand straight and put your legs a little wider than your shoulder-width. Raise your hands to the sides.

Turn your toes to the side for around 45 degrees.

With one hand try to lean towards the leg while the other one is pointing to the sky.

Staying in this position for as much as you can, will help you to stretch all of your body but especially hips, hamstrings and spine.

Once you are done with one side, do the same thing for the other one.

Repeat this move for 3-4 times…

Big Toe Pose



Stand straight and slowly start to lean forward and bend your body without losing the straight form of your back.

Try to touch your knees with your head and your toes with your hands.

Hold in this position for a while and get back to the starting position before repeating it for a couple of times.


Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose



Ok, that’s enough for standing poses for now. Now go back to you mat once again…

Lay down on the floor or your mat. Lay your legs straight in front of you.

Raise one of your legs up without losing a straight form for up to 45 degrees…

You probably won’t be able to do it right away but try to go as far as you can.

Loop a strap around the arch of your foot and push it down. Don’t forget to keep your leg straightened throughout this process.

Once you are done with one leg, switch it and raise the other one…


Lord of the Dance Pose



Now it’s time to stand back up…

Even though the name itself is not giving away too much of the information about this pose, you will absolutely love it. It is an essential part of our 15 minutes yoga workout for flexibility.

Start by standing straight…

Raise one of your legs back and hold it with your hand as it is going up. With another hand raised in front, start leaning in that direction.

Try to lean forward without losing a balance and move your leg held by your hand up to the same degree. Stay in this pose for around 15-25 seconds.

Get back to the starting position and do the same movement for another combination of hand and leg.


Intense Side Stretch Pose



Even though it is called intense side stretch pose, it is not that intense if your approach is to do it as a beginner.

Stand straight and put one of your legs one step forward while the other one is moved a little back.

With your torso, try to lean on the leg which is in front. Try to touch your chest to the hamstring and hold down to the floor with your fingertips.

Stay in this position for 30 seconds and switch the leg. Don’t do more than your body allows you to do and work your way to the intense mode within the next few workout days.


Extended Triangle Pose



For this exercise you will need to do the same thing that we did in revolved triangle pose, but this time with an extra movement.

Put your legs aside, and lean on one side with your hands on the sides. Touch the floor with one hand while the other one is pointing to the sky.

Don’t move your torso and keep your back straight.

Get back to the starting position and do the same movement to the other side.


Extended Puppy Pose



And once again, you will need a mat for this one…

Lie down on your knees and sit straight. Move your hands up as you are about to swim and jump in the water.

Slowly start to lean forward and keep your back straight. Move close to the ground with your face.

Stay in this position for a couple of seconds.


Downward-Facing Dog Pose



Start by laying face-down on the mat.

Raise your body up with help of your hands. You should be standing on your knees and leaning on the palms of your hands spread shoulder-width.

Spread your fingers.

Stretch out your hands in front and move your body up(and a little behind).

The degree between your body and legs should be 45. Lay back on your heals rather than standing on your toes.


Bound Angle Pose



Great… you are almost finished…

We’ll finish off this workout with one of the favorite poses of those who start practicing yoga.

Sit down on the mat and bend your knees in front of you so that the palms of your legs can touch.

Touch your legs with your hands and keep your posture straight.

Stay in this position for a while. It might seem like a rest, but it is actually a very effective yoga workout for flexibility in the first place.

Do this exercise whenever you feel like resting through the day. Results in the long-run will amaze you.



That’s it! Great job!


By doing this 20 minutes yoga workout for flexibility you are making a huge step forward in order to keep your body stretched, toned and strengthened…

Don’t forget to take breaks between exercises of around 30 seconds each…

Do this routine 3-4 times per week and start enjoying your results after the very first week.

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