30 day plank challenge


Hi guys!

I am back with another workout challenge.

Yesterday I shared with you abs workout that I think you loved.

I promised to give you more and more challenges.

So here I am sharing with you a plank challenge.

Have you ever thought that you would never be able to stay in plank pose for more that 20 seconds?!

SO with this challenge you will accomplish that goal.

This workouts will make you upgrade to 5 min plank!

Yes that’s not a joke!

Check it out and share your results in a comment section below!

Day1 20 sec

Day2 20 sec

Day3 30 sec

Day4 30 sec

Day5 40 sec


Day7 45 sec

Day8 45 sec

Day9 1 min

Day10 1min

Day11 1min

Day12 1min 30 sec

Day13 Rest

Day14 1 min 40 sec

Day15 1 min 50 sec

Day16 2 min

Day17 2 min

Day18 2min 30 sec

Day19 REST

Day20 2 min 30 sec

Day21 2 min 30 sec

Day22 3 min

Day23 3 min

Day24 3 min 30 sec

Day25 3 min 30 sec

Day26 REST

Day27 4 min

Day28 4 min

Day29 4 min 30 sec

Day30 5 min


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