Eat This, Not That For Breakfast


Hi Guys!

Today I had a great morning.

I used to struggle waking up in the morning and getting ready.

That I realized that I had a really bad morning routine.

First of all I used to start my day with a cup of coffee.

I believed that I couldn’t wake up without coffee but actually I couldn’t get productive after that either.

SO I decided to get my morning routine fixed and did my research.

So here you go I am sharing with you all the information that I found out.

What to eat and not to eat for breakfast.


1 cup cooked steel-cut Oats (Sugar: 0 gr)

2 Slices whole grain toast (Calories: 138)

1 Cup Nonfat greek yogurt (Protein: 18 g)

2 Egg whites (Sodium: 211 mg)

1/2 Cup of berries (Sugar: 5 g)

1 Whole-grain English muffin (Calories: 132)

1 Banana (Calories: 105)


1 Cup granola (Sugar: 14 g)

1 Plan Bagel (Calories: 270)

1 Cup Fruit Yogurt (Protein: 7g)

3 Pieces of bacon (Sodium: 554 mg)

1 Cup Fruit Juice (Sugar: 21 g)

1 Blueberry muffin (calories: 444)

8 OZ Smoothie (Calorie: 198)

Was it helpful? Please share your thoughts with me in the comment section below.


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